The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development have released figures,  in November 2017, showing that more than one in four British people is now obese. There are fears that being fat has become normalised.

Whilst it is recognised by  the Obesity Health Alliance that American TV may have influenced us in regarding overweight as normal, they recommend tackling the problem earlier – overweight children are much more likely to become overweight adults. Processed food can be laden with corn starch, corn sugar and other synthesised ingredients – leading to obesity and diabetes. Bringing domestic science back into schools would help to teach kids how to budget, what healthy foods to buy, how to cook and time management. Despite the explosive expansion of fast food shops, the young might begin to look after themselves better.

But what about overweight adults? Public Health England officially recommends that GPs send people to slimming clubs – despite the evidence that the benefit is short term. In fact, we do need educating that too much sugar, high calories and processed food, with little nutritional value,  leads to a health time bomb – of heart attacks, strokes,  cancer,  and muscular-skeletal pain..

Of course there are medical exceptions, meaning that people have no control over weight, and eating problems can be triggered by emotional problems   – leading to comfort eating and drinking to forget ( with all the added sugar in alcohol). The popular myth that a sugar rush will make you feel better has been proved wrong by scientific research – which shows that overindulgence in carbohydrates is a very short term fix, and has adverse effects on psychological wellbeing., leading to cravings for more carbs.  We do need to remember that our bodies adjust to whatever amount of calories we eat versus what we burn. In order to lose weight we need to keep decreasing calorific intake and increase calorific output. Afterwards we then have to maintain the intake/output that got us to our goal weight. The weight loss program will encourage movement.

Hypnotherapy can assist with educating people away from unhealthy foods and on to more nutritional ones, reducing food intake,  tackling emotional problems and helping the brain to recognise fullness earlier. But it is the mental imagery of seeing yourself as a slim, healthy person that helps to motivate you to change. We also work on encouraging healthy exercise.

Fruit and vegetables will fill you up without piling on the weight. But they are also a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidents to keep the body healthy and boost the immune system.  Vitamin C helps to protect cells and maintains healthy skin, blood vessels and cartilage. It is found in oranges, peppers, blackberries, broccoli, Brussels spouts and potatoes. B9 or folate helps the body form healthy red blood cells. It is found in broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leafy green vegetables, and peas. Potassium helps control the balance of fluids in the body and helps the heart muscle to work. It is found in many fruits, broccoli, parsnips and Brussels sprouts. Hypnotherapy can help to reeducate the body away from wanting sugar rich foods and more to craving fruit and vegetables.

Cambridge University’s  Institute of Metabolic Science Published in PLOS Genetics journal in January 2019. They had studied over 4,000 people, looking at how having a slow metabolism affects weight. They discovered that about 18% of thinness is genetic, and written in DNA.

Does this mean that the other 82% of us are fated to have overweight bodies?

The short answer is no. We can speed up metabolism through exercise, drinking more water, and getting more sleep. But we can also speed up the metabolism through EFT and hypnotherapy. The EFT helps to remove blockages to smooth running of the metabolism and the hypnosis fires up the metabolism to a perfect level to process food and calories naturally and efficiently.

I went to see Matthew after he stopped my brother smoking – I thought “If he can do that, then surely he can help me”. I wanted to lose a good half stone or more in three weeks – to prepare for my duties at my sister’s wedding. He said that most people, who follow the program, lose between 2 and 5 pounds a week – so it was quite probable. Well, I got hypnotised, and I listened to the backup recording at least once a day, and by the time of my sister’s wedding I had lost 12 pounds. But I didn’t stop there. I continued to listen for another month, and I have lost early two stones in total. This is amazing.

Reproduced from 5.10.17

Do you want to have control over  your emotional eating? Do you want to have control over your compulsive eating? Do you want to change your relationship with food – to make sensible food choices? Do you want to lose between 2 and 5 pounds a week? Effective Hypnosis can help you to do these things. We have been successfully treating weight control since 2000. Our techniques are continually growing and developing – the Hypnotic Gastric Band technique was not in existence when we started – but is now as important part of our work.

Gastric band surgery involves putting a band near the top of the stomach restricting the amount of food that can pass down to the lower part. the top part of the stomach fills up quickly, making the  patients feel full. The hypnotic gastric band is a process by which people are convinced, under hypnosis, that they have had the band fitted. This works because the mind believes what it is told and acts accordingly.

A survey by Yorkshire Media Ltd, in 2014, found that, of over 4000 participants, the average Hypnotic Gastric Band loss was 24.64lbs – almost two stones.

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24th January 2018

Yesterday’s Daily Mail tells of how Charlotte Coker, from Wellington, responded to the hypnotic gastric band.

She had gone to a hypnotherapist suffering from anxieties and desparate to lose weight. The weight  had piled on due to over indulgence in crisps and fizzy drinks.

Following Hypnotic Gastric Band treatment her panic attacks disappeared, as did cravings for unhealthy food. She was not only filled with confidence – she shrunk  three dress sizes and lost three stones in weight. She told the DM that she felt that she had taken on a new lease of life.

Hypnosis works because the mind believes what it is told and acts accordingly. When told, under hypnosis, that she had had a gastric band fitted, Charlotte believed that she wasn’t hungry and consumed less food.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis


According to a 2016 survey, by Glotech, one third of the adults in the UK are trying to lose weight. They say that seventeen million people are following some kind of diet, either from a book, magazine, or a group. However, the survey says that most give up trying  after four months. This often leaves them with a sense of failure. Restrictive diets may only produce more craving for the substance- ie, sugar, – if there is a nutritional lack anyway. The weight control program is designed for the long term.

A survey of British women, in May 2017, showed that 53% worried that they were overweight or obese. The Sunday Times warns, on 21st May, that adults can consume their entire daily allowance of added sugar by eating just one high street coffee chain muffin.

The Health Risks Of Obesity

 Reproductive Health – Obesity can lead to Infertility and Complications during pregnancy and birth. Cardiovascular Health – Obesity can lead to Heart Failure, Hypertension, Heart Disease and Stroke. Musculoskeletal Health – Obesity can lead to Gout, Osteoarthritis, and Lower Back Pain. Respiratory Health – Obesity can lead to Asthma, Chronic Obstrucive Pulmonory Disease, and Sleep Apnoea. Gastrointestinal Health – Obesity can lead to Gallstones, Gastro-Oesophagal Reflux, Pancreatitis, Kidney and Liver Disease.Neurological Health – Obesity can lead to Dementia and Depession. And, of course, there is also a risk of  Type 2 Diabetes and Cancers .

It may not be too late for change.

To a large extent, diets don’t work. Losing weight requires a strategy – taking into account nutrition, exercise, stress, hunger, habits and reasonable goal setting. You need to leave behind the thinking and mental processes that have led to obsessions with food, become more aware of what triggers you to eat, what foods perk you up and which ones make you sluggish and heavy, and just what you need to do to burn off the energy food creates.

You may think that there is not that much to worry about in what you eat.There are  hidden sugars that people may not think about whilst calculating their daily intake.  Sugars are also added to drinks – both hot and cold. Coca Cola has nine teaspoons of sugar added to every can.  Alcoholic drinks actually account for 10% of 29 – 64 year olds daily intake of sugar, and 6% for over 65s. Whilst there is more obvious sugar in fortified wines, sherries, liqueurs and cider, there are also a lot added to mixers for spirits. Surveys have also shown a lot of sugar content in high street coffee chains – up to 25 teaspoons of sugar has been added to some drinks from Starbucks – where 1/3 of drinks contain more sugar than Coca Cola. If you are worried about this content – call 01895 810772 / 07732391008 for a Sugar Addiction Freedom session.

21st November 2017

 A study from Man’s Health Forum has shown that 55% of overweight men thought that their weight was “Just about right”, and were less likely than women to take action – believing that most weight loss programs were designed for women.

Sadly, men are at more risk of diabetes and heart failure – so should take more notice than women. Ironically, men are more successful at weight loss programs.

The journal Personality and Individual Differences reports on research at the Universities of Warrick and Imperial College, London, into the possibility of using the drug Modafill for weight control.

Modafill is generally given to sufferers of narcolepsy,but the researchers were looking into using it for controlling impulsive behaviour. As it increases levels of the feel good chemical dopamine,could it be used to end food cravings?

The reasoning behind it seemed sound. Professor Vlaev said that a substantial number of people who are obese are, in fact, food addicts who can’t control their impulsive behaviour. The results, too, seemed positive.

However, Modafill is speed. So a sugar addict may be swapping one addiction for another. In fact, taking Modafill for food addiction could be compared to taking morphine for a headache. It may work, but it may be a stupid thing to do.


Sugar has an influence on feel good brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin, but a dependence on it can lead to – needing more and more to get the same effect, fighting cravings by eating foods when not hungry, feeling sluggish and fatigued from overeating, both sugarhighs and lows, and withdrawal symptoms from not getting enough.


But an addiction to sugar can be cured quite naturally, with no side effects. A hypnotherapy program will be bespoke to your individual situation, tackle emotional eating, tackle cravings, tackle a sweet tooth, give guidance on healthy eating, and even install a hypnotic gastric band.


You can overcome emotional eating. If you feel emotionally empty and see food as what you need to fill the emptiness, we can fix that. If  you are a person who overeats  in response to stress, we can fix that. You may be tempted to go for the wrong foods under stress. If  you eat on the run, without proper thought for what you are taking in, we can fix that. Eating on the run gives the feeling that time is scarce and you are under pressure -hypnotherapy can help to relax your body , and get away from this feeling. If  you eat in a trance ( maybe in front of the tv) with no conscious awareness of what you are putting into your body, we can fix that. If  you have too much sugar in your diet, we can fix that. If you get cravings for foods even though you are quite full, we can fix that.

A lack of sleep can cause someone to eat over 300 extra calories the next day. Getting more sleep will increase leptin – the hormone which makes us feel full.

Do you have no clue  about why you are overweight ?  Do you feel guilty about eating certain foods, yet find yourself returning to them nonetheless? Do you feel ashamed or worthless about what you eat?  Letting go of your stress will help to free you from emotional eating. Book with Effective Hypnosis and we can fix you.

We start with an assessment to ensure that the sessions are bespoke to you . Effective Hypnosis can do a lot about controlling your emotions and stress. We can also tackle cravings for sugar.  There is little wrong with fruit sugar, as the fibre in fruit will cancel it out. But hidden sugars in processed foods will add to your weight without you noticing that you are full. If you have time and inclination to prepare food from scratch – then you won’t need to worry, but if you live life in a rush you could be taking on convenience foods that aren’t good for you.

People don’t like us to use the word ‘implant’ with association  to hypnosis, because it implies brainwashing. But we effectively implant positive  suggestions into the subconscious mind – that change the way you think about yourself, and change the relationship that you have with food. The positive suggestions can help to abolish negative behaviour patterns, and overcome bad old habits of eating.

What we offer is a three session program – generally spaced out over a six week period.,with CD recordings/ MP3s to listen to in between sessions.

Session 1 Trance training, letting go of stress, controlling emotional issues, Sugar control, Hypnotic Gastric Banding

Session 2 Speeding up Metabolic Rate, teaching Thought Field Therapy to conquer cravings

Session 3 Teaching Self Hypnosis Skills,to avoid temptations

Testimonial from Linda M – reproduced from  July 2016

” I went to Matthew Hall following a visit to my doctor. He had told me that I was prediabetic, but it was not too late to change. My goals were to give up sugar and start exercising. Matthew was great. He led me into a gentle trance and then came in heavy with authoritarian instructions. Three months later I have lost 21 pounds, taken up karate, and my doctor tells me I am out of danger. Thank you Matthew”

Most participants find that they lose between 2 and 5 pounds a week during the program, but many people find that they continue to lose weight afterwards because they don’t stop listening to the recordings.

Do have a look at some of the testimonials on

A fantastic resource for using homeopathy to loose weight naturally can be found at -local to my Hillingdon clinic. It works through balancing the hormones, boosting energy and metabolism and curbing cravings – ultimately releasing fat and rebalancing the body.

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