Stroke can be devastating. It can severely limit the abilities of those that have had it. It can also impact on those around them.

A stroke happens when a blood clot blocks an artery, or a blood vessel breaks – interrupting blood flow to the brain. These things lead to brain cells beginning to die and brain damage occurs. Abilities controlled by that area of the brain are lost. Traditionally, rehabilitation has focused on making the most of what abilities are still there, and thanks to the plasticity of the brain – or ability to adapt – many survivors naturally recover some amount of function.

There is current research going on,  at the Washington  University of Science, in St Louis – on how to encourage the brain to adapt – as reported in Science Translational Medicine, February 2018.

But Hypnosis can have an influence. As hypnotherapy can influence the hypothalymus, which governs the central nervous system, it  can have a direct impact on neuroplacity – the brain’s ability to form new connections.

Hypnotherapy cannot wave a magic wand and make everything be alright again – but it can influence –

Self esteem, depression/sadness, stress

Emotions, anger and resentment, apathy, impulsive behaviour,

Dignity, overcoming the limitations of muscle weakness, clumsiness, and balance,

Paralysis, stiffness,

Fatigue, sleep habits

Speech problems,

Short term memory loss, and  amnesia, word retrieval

Cognition, and aphasia

Perception, and concentration.

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