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We have over 100 testimonial published on and Effetive Hypnosis was voted Business of the Year 2016 in Ealing in thebestof awards.

In May 2017, Katherine W said:
As a young mum I built up certain addictions. I was addicted to smoking and to diet coke. I needed at least a shot of each every hour. i went to see Matthew in March, in order to regain control. I feel much better. My headaches have gone. I have no breathlessness. The smoking is dead and buried now. I might still have a diet coke, but less than one a week. My life is so much better now that I am a non-smoker. Thank you Matthew.


Testimonial from Amrit U, sent to Matthew Hall,29.10.15,and forwarded to

To say that I am a mad bundle of nerves is being modest – I’m naturally a terribly anxious person when it comes to driving – thanks to bad experiences 17 years ago with two awful instructors – that then led me to packing in learning to drive.

Well, the need to drive came up again,and I read about how hypnosis can help altar my state of nerves and anxiety, into something more positive,I saw Matt for two sessions.It was a really calming and tailor made experience,and I consistently listened to my personalised CDs until the day of my driving test.

I’m happy to say that I passed my test with the power of positive thought and visualisation – thanks both to Matt and a great driving instructor. It was money well invested. My sessions withMatt helped me to conquer my fear of driving and to succeed in one of my best personal achievements. Thank you Matt.


Testimonials from clients seen in Hillingdon and Ealing.

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Weight Loss

Elizabeth H – Sept 2015

I saw Matthew in early June.The weight loss wasn’t that drastic – but I did start to notice that my jeans were sagging, and I had to make a new hole in my belt in order to keep them up. I’m getting ready for giving oversized jeans to charity shops and buying new ones. Thank you Matthew.

Lucy D – July 2015

I lost weight without magic pills or a nagging club. I went to Matthew for hypnotherapy. He fixed my relationship with food. Roll on summer holidays and bikini wearing.

Rosie D – April 2015

I was overweight and couldn’t resist it when a cake screamed out at me to eat it, but Matt sent me really deep and I really believed that I had had a gastric band fitted. I regained control over my addiction to junk foods.I am now two sizes smaller.Thanks Matt


Liz D – August 2015

I gave up smoking on August 3rd. I responded to a generous offer and saved £75.But that is not all -since I was a 25 a day smoker _ I recovered my fee in just over two weeks, and will save a further £1500 by the end of the year. Thank you Matthew – worth every penny.

Dave B – August 2015

For over ten years I spent 90% of my time thinking about smoking. If I wasn’t actually smoking, I was thinking about when I could next smoke, if I had enough smokes for the rest of the day, or if I had enough time and energy to go to buy cigarettes. I got regular coughs and colds, so was generally unfit. When I saw Matthew I was amazed at how great I felt at being hypnotised. I don’t even think about smoking anymore.


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