Sports Enhancement 

A large part of achievement in sport is believing you can do it. This works like a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Roger Bannister, the man who broke the four minute mile in the 1950’s, said that it was easy once he had got his mind into a determined state. This set in process a shift in many people’s belief systems – as many others were able to do it, once they believed it was possible.  His achievement changed a belief, and their attitudes changed  –  their bodies responded.

Many of today’s top sportsmen and women use sports psychology, including hypnosis, to give them advanced performance. Tangible physical processes occur in the brain and body as a result of the athlete’s thinking process. These can cause a change in physical performance. Part of this is learning the skills of self hypnosis in order to reach the state of single mindedness that Roger Bannister had.

Hypnotherapy will focus on Believing in Yourself, Getting into ‘ the Zone ‘ for your sport Mental imagery –  Imaginal rehearsal improves performance and motivation in sport, Mental Toughness, and becoming a winner -. You too can become a winner.

Effective Hypnosis worked with a professional rugby player in May 2014,on the issues of sports enhancement and gambling. He was helped to up his game so much that in the autumn of 2014  he was able  to join a first class team. In 2018 Matthew worked successfully with footballers and golf players. In 201( Matthew is working with a boxer

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have used hypnosis for golf success. Jimmy Connors has used hypnosis for tennis success. Gerald McClellan, super middleweight boxer in 1995, attributed his success to hypnotherapy.

As reported by the BBC, in August 08, Australian Gold Medalist and World Record Setter, Steve Hooker, used hypnosis to help him win the Gold in Beijing.


 Hypnosis can be really useful in helping people to focus, rather than panic, when they come to exams. Effective Hypnosis can teach people techniques to access the knowledge that they have stored in the marvelous computer of the mind, and to get it out in the concise and polished writing that is required.

We can’t help you to pass something that you haven’t studied, but we can help you to make the most of what you have.

Do –

learn some relaxation techniques

make sure you get enough sleep

don’t forget to breathe – a pattern of breathing in through the nose – expanding the stomach, and out through the mouth- deflating the stomach, will make you feel much more relaxed and together

cut down on the high energy drinks, try apple juice

good luck. Make people proud.

Public Speaking 

 Many of the skills used in Sports Enhancement can be adapted to Public Speaking, which may improve job prospects, interview skills, and sales presentations. Many salesmen use techniques developed in NLP. Hypnosis will help you gain the edge.




 If you are having problems you are not alone

Did you know that only 42% of those attempting it pass their driving test the first time? Usually this is because of a lack of confidence on the day. Hypnosis can help you with driving test nerves, and also help to correct common mistakes.

Obviously it is going to be a lot easier for you to pick up the  necessary skills  if you already have  co-ordination  skills  in other areas, such as skills picked up in  playing an instrument, or sports,  because the action has become, or will become, automatic.

And with the skill of driving – if you can become a person who acts automatically, responding to the unknown, without becoming worried, then you may find it easy to learn. By rehearsing the steps for the driving test, through hypnosis, you can become adept at them – because your mind will take on the idea that the routines that are practiced  in hypnosis have actually taken place.  Imaginal rehersal improves performance and motivation. With the use of our back up CDs, you will have faced a driving test in trance many times, and responded marvelously. See our testimonials section  and on for an example of the power of hypnosis for driving test nerves.

How can hypnosis help?

Hypnotherapy boosts brain power, allowing you to concentrate better, avoid distractions and respond automatically and quickly.

Using the techniques of Thought Field Therapy Matthew can teach you how to banish nerves and become self confident. The driving test is nothing to be scared of, and Matthew can teach you techniques that will help you to drive effectively and competently.

Effective Hypnosis can give you the tools to pass with ease, and with flying colours.