The World Health Organization tells us that smoking kills six million people a year. Smoking is linked to seventeen types of cancer.

The NHS Stop Smoking Service warns that half of all smokers will die prematurely as a result of smoking, adding that it causes nearly 80,000 premature deaths each year in England. That is, not even taking into account the disabilities that smoking can cause, whilst a smoker is still living. It makes so much sense to stop.

The NHS service runs on a mixture of group and individual support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy. NRT comes in the form of patches, gum, nasal spray, tablets, and inhalers. All of these products rely heavily on willpower to succeed.

 The pharmaceutical industry has many devices to help – there are nicotine patches, strips, lozanges and gum. The intention is to wean yourself off nicotine by gradually reducing the  intake over a period of time.

The trouble is that these devices still maintain an addiction to nicotine. From what our customers tell us, despite their good intentions – if you need nicotine in the middle of the night, when the chemist is closed, but the petrol station is open, you go back to cigarettes.

Hypnotherapy provides a way of changing the mindset. Effective Hypnosis teaches ways to counter your cravings, develop an aversion to smoking, and convince the subconscious mind that you neither need or want to smoke. Imagery used will take the you into experiencing the future smoke free, providing confidence that it can happen.

Hypnotherapy actually bypasses willpower – part of the “outer” mind – putting strong messages into the “inner” mind. It is because of this that the success rate for using hypnotherapy for quitting smoking  is so much higher than with the NHS Service. An Oxford Press report, by Michael O’Driscoll, claims that hypnotherapy is 95% successful with stopping smoking. Rational is also part of the “outer” mind, and can cancel out willpower. To have something implanted into the “inner” mind is so much stronger. Another bonus is that the hypnotherapy success rates are counted after a full year of quitting – but the NHS calculates after four weeks. Hypnotherapy success is counted over the long term.

The physical addiction to nicotine lasts only four days. If you go without it for that long, you have broken the addiction. However,the psychological addiction – associations you have with it, people you smoke with – might last longer. Matthew Hall will assess the situation – taking into account the reasons you started, what you get out of it, the triggers and why you want to stop.

The NHS Stop Smoking Service warns that half of all smokers will die prematurely as a result of smoking, adding that it causes ill health as well.

How hypotherapy helps 

It helps by taking away your craving, convince you that you are a non smoker and that you don’t need or want to smoke. Matthew can create an aversion to smoking in your mind – making the very thought of doing it seem revolting.The taste and smell will repulse you. The alternative – living a clean, smoke free life will be far more attractive. With hypnotherapy you can overcome your addiction and live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Matthew offers FREE FOLLOW UPs for up to a year afterwards – however many it takes – to anyone who starts again( but this is only taken up by a tiny handful). We can fix you to become a non – smoker for life. Phone 01895 810772 / 07732391008 for a chat about Smoking Addiction Freedom. Effective

The health benefits of stopping smoking are enormous. But here are a few to get you thinking:-

Stop and you will breathe more easily – with better lung capacity.

Stop smoking and you will have more energy.

Stop smoking and you will feel less stressed.

Stop smoking and you will have better sex – as your blood will not be constricted.

Stop smoking and you will improve your fertility.

Stop smoking and you will have younger looking skin.

Stop smoking and you will have whiter teeth and sweeter smelling breath.

Stop smoking and you will live longer.

Stop smoking and you protect others from the poisons in smoke.

Saving Money

The average cost of a 20 pack of cigarettes in 2018 is £10. If you smoke 20 a day for a year, this is £3600. If you started at 16 and smoked until you are 70 the cost would be £194,400.  Even if you don’t want the health benefits, giving up could save a lot of money.

 The Sun tells us, on 3rd August, that researchers from the University of Bath have suggested that the amount of tax charged on smoking is not enough to stop people from smoking. They point out that, whenever the price of smoking goes up, smokers sacrifice other things in order to keep smoking. But if the price of smoking 20 cigarettes were to be increased from £10  to £20 by 2020, the researchers think, – it would make a real impact. £20 a day would lead to an annual cost of over £7200.

They tell us that Australia has increased the smoking tax to £20 a pack. However, the Sun does not tell us if this made any impact. Also, the minimum wage is £15 an hour in Australia but nothing like that here in the UK.

Of course, price does have  an impact on people deciding to stop. But Effective Hypnosis finds that Health is the number one concern when people present themselves for Smoking Cessation.


Stop smoking in one hour with Effective Hypnosis. No matter how long you have smoked, or how difficult it seems to stop – Effective Hypnosis can fix you,to become free of smoking addiction.

In August 2016, Nancy P said about Effective Hypnosis

I gave up smoking with Matthew Hall’s Hypnosis,after years of trying.I then followed his weight control program. I went down by three dress sizes and lost 32lbs in two months. His magical words really changed my whole motivation. I will be forever in his debt. See this man to stop smoking and lose weight.

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