Effective Hypnosis was voted Business of the Year 2016 in Ealing in www.thebestof.co.uk  awards by satisfied customers. This award was again given in 2017.

Effective Hypnosis will present  a bespoke service. The sessions are geared towards you and your particular situation, and this is why we give  CD recordings of their live sessions to customers          ( MP3 recordings can also be sent -So that you can listen anywhere on your phone or ipod). The reason for this is that we know that we are fighting against conditioning – the things that have been going round and round the mind for years – if we can put positive messages into the mind everyday for a month or two -then it’s going to go a long way towards forming a positive mindset.

Through the assessment consultation your individual process of therapy is selected – so what is recorded is bespoke to you. Rather than give customers a general recording, we give them the one that has actually been recorded for them Is this something that could work for you?

We ask you to commit to listening to your recording on a regular basis – allowing yourself to go into trance on a daily basis. The power generated doubles in strength with every trance – see Published Articles section for further detail.

We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise drawn from a wide understanding of several therapies, and seek to educate you so that you can use your own power to change. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Once we have got you to the level where you can hypnotise yourself then you can easily change your own life.

Effective Hypnosis is about giving people hope.  You may have thought that there is no hope for you and that you had tried everything, but  hypnotherapy can be very useful in promoting transformation in a wide variety of ways.

Our expertise in the areas of Quitting Smoking, Addiction Control, the Hypnotic Gastric Band, and controlling Chronic Fatigue are well documented in the testimonials we recieve. Smoking, addictions, and weight control are the main areas we get contacted about, and they have their own sections on the site.  There are many other topics we are skilled in for consultation.  Work Stress and anxieties are very relevant today. A few of these are listed here –

 Self Confidence /Self Esteem

 ‘Wanting more Self Confidence’ came top of the list of desires in a 2013 QVC survey – above a desire to be attractive or sophisticated. But just what is it that people have difficulty with?

 Some people  have the feeling that they  can’t express themselves. Your confidence may be  suffering as a result.  Low self confidence can lead to a poor performance in the workplace for spoken presentations and company meetings – quite apart from how you  behave at parties, or with new people. Work stress and anxieties are more prominent than ever .

 By using the power of  hypnosis we can retrain your minds, transforming  you into  a confident person, who   is supremely self confident  when presenting to  both individuals and large groups of people.  This is not brainwashing – it is tapping into the enormous power of the subconscious mind – drawing on inner strengths. It is not something that is ‘done’ to you without your wishes and commitment.

 It may seem  that someone can become a new person through hypnosis.  But this is nothing to do with change in personality  or mind control. We can help change patterns of thought and influence belief systems, giving you the reins of your mind. Customers are in control at all times.

  So many people have lost their livelihoods through the recession, and confidence has taken a battering as a result of redundancy.  The media proclaimed, in October 2012, that more women than ever in the over 50’s group  were finding themselves out of work.

Hypnotherapy can help with building up the self confidence and practicing interview skills. Job interview nerves may interfere with presentation of  talents, skills and personality, preventing some from wanting to attend at all.  This is hardly surprising, given that their talents, personality and skill sets will be judged by others. But with a hypnotherapy intervention,  by the time you come to an interview, you  will have gone through the process so many times in your head, that it can seem easy to carry off.

 Hypnotherapy is a great tonic for driving test nerves – see our testimonials section.

 Do you have trouble meeting people for the first time, and is social / professional networking suffering as a result? Hypnosis could provide the answer.

Do you fear rejection at interviews? Hypnosis can give you a renewed sense of confidence, so you can breeze through an interview – presenting yourself in the best way. Is this something that you could see yourself embracing?

We contact the subconscious mind through trance. With this, we can boost self esteem. This builds motivation, and through teaching self hypnosis skills we can provide  lifelong tools for self enhancement.

We can train people to release  feelgood endorphins – the bodies natural opiates – into their bodies, and feel absolutely fantastic all over. This can lead to physical body change.

NLP techniques are used to create a system of putting yourself into a totally calm, supremely self confident state. These techniques help create instant rapport and trust, which can then be utilised for rapid change.

The New Scientist ran an article, in September 2008, stating that improvements in depressed people had been noticed when methods to slow heart rate variation ( HRV ) were applied, this has a tremendous implication for hypnotherapy. HRV is the gold standard medical test in America. The results indicate that hypnotherapy and meditation can be used to control stressful situations and this can be the controlling factor in managing disease and illness. Listening to one of Matthew’s hypnotherapy recordings can have the beneficial effects of going into deep trance.

 Meridean Therapies – EFT and TFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT is a meridean therapy – it is based on the same principles that govern Reflexology and Accupuncture – the philosophy that sees that balance in your body can be affected by manipulating energy points, in this case tapping. It uses the same points used in acupuncture, but with no needles. This is an ancient Chinese idea. It suggests that there is a flow of energy that runs throughout the body. This flow of energy is designed to let us live perfectly. However, blockages can stop us living fully.Traumas are stored in the energy bodies and may create blockages which are destined to appear in the body as disease.

EFT has been described as a simplified version of Thought Field Therapy – explained below. Research has been presented at The  Science and Consciousness Energy Psychology conference in Toronto, 2008. This researched into the effects of PTSD on  war veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. Statistics showed a reduction of up to 50% in stress levels in  areas such as anxiety, hostility, sensitivity, paranoia, psychosis and somatisation. These gains were maintained after a 90 day follow up.

Significantly, reductions in cortisol levels occur after Energy Psychology treatment, and are accompanied by improvements in heart rate variability (HRV ). HRV and cortisol are primary stress markers for a wide variety of genetic, hormonal and neurological effects of stress.

Meridean therapies put forward the idea that all negative emotions are caused by a disruption in your body’s energy system, and that through manipulation of energy points we can enable you to change the way you feel about something. A shift takes place in the meridian system. We can therefore create a healthy and addiction free body.  In Accupuncture it is done through needles, in Reflexology through manipulation of the pressure points. In EFT it is done through tapping the pressure points.

EFT heals people on both physical and psychological levels, and this can take away addictions and cravings. Matthew often uses EFT in controlling addictions, and phobias.

The Daily Mail had a feature on EFT and aerophobia on 4th November 2014. Effective Hypnosis has success dealing with fear of flying using EFT as a starting point to hypnotherapy sessions.

Thought Field Therapy is also used, in order to change people’s attitudes.  Emotions can become bundled up into energies called ‘thought fields’. TFT proposes that thought fields within the meridians can become blocked by trauma or negative thinking, and that by tapping in a specific sequence we can remove these blocks. We do this by ‘tapping’ into the root of problems, to remove the energy blockages.  Like EFT ( which was adapted from TFT ) a shift takes place in the meridian system. An example of this is seen in Matthew’s smoking cessation program – which will teach the TFT sequence to remove cravings. TFT  can help to lift negativity,  resistance to weight loss, negativity, panic attacks, and internal chatter.

Neurochemical changes reduce pain, slow the heart rate, decrease anxiety, shut off the stress response, and regulate the autonomic nervous system and create a sense of calm.

Janet Thompson, a hypnotherapist and Thought Field Therapy expert, appeared in a channel 4 program in August 2010. She described  meridians as like a system of motorways or highways, carrying all sorts of information. As we know, highways can get blocked. Using TFT we can change the information in the highway, and undo the blockage.

Regression – Through regression in hypnosis we take people back to the root cause of their problems.  Once they are there, we can deal with these, though changing attitudes  and build a stronger character for the future. Past Life Regression is also a useful tool for dealing with seemingly inate emotions. There is still hope when you may have thought that you tried everything.

Neuro Linguistic Programming changes submodalities, the minute parts of a phobia, so that the whole becomes less and less fearful – until it disappears.

NLP is an amazing add on to hypnotherapy, introducing many techniques that are now commonplace – Timelining is useful with age regession, and we can remove addictive behaviours using this.  Reframing is  useful with traumatic events and phobias , helping people to collapse negative states. Metaphor is  useful in reviewing learnings and exploring possibilities . Submodalities are useful in helping people to change the way they think about the minutia of their problems and make small changes to make them feel better. NLP processes will break down limiting and negative belief systems – that have been holding people back, and also explosive reactions – such as screaming and yelling when faced with misfortune. Many NLP techniques are used by salespeople.

 Matthew has skills in Traumatic Incident  Recovery, and uses this technique with post traumatic stress. There is some controversy about the effectiveness of trauma work. The war zone mental health journal, Intervention,  suggests, in May 2013,  that only 30% benefit from one off counselling sessions. However, this is not a reason to stop offering it. The evidence points at the fact that ongoing services should be offered.

EMDR  – Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing -is a very useful eye movement technique, that has been used with traumatised Vietnam Veterans. Combat – related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be a really debilitating illness. But it is not always a permanent affliction.  Through a combination of  TIR, EFT, EMDR, NLP and hypnotherapy we can help to keep the ‘demons’ at bay.

Sufferers may feel that they are living in a state of red alert, being continually jumpy and anxious, with continual flashbacks.  EMDR therapy can involve bilateral stimulation of the brain to break the continual cycle.

The Daily Mail carries a feature on 26.7 16 illustrating  how EMDR has been used to end a woman’s lifetime fear of vomiting -see our articles page.  EMDR is part of the Effective Hypnosis service.

 The media reports, in October 08, that the “war on terror” had led to more people wanting drugs before flying. A service for those with fear of flying is available. HypnoCBT can teach systematic desensitisation to conquer this fear. If you have always had the jitters since you first experienced turbulance, and spend every night of your holiday dreading the return trip, then why not give hypnosis a try? Fly without fear

 Pain Management 

 We can see pain in different ways – there is short term pain, which can easily be medicated, chronic pain, which is a long term discomfort,  and acute pain , which is often the result of injury or disease.

Matthew can teach an effective way for anyone to  control their pain – fast.  This can be invaluable in helping peple with deeply rooted conditions. The human body is a magnificent healing mechanism, and you can be taught how to switch the healing on.

  As the subconscious mind does not judge suggestions, imagination and visualisation can be used to focus on thoughts and ideas that influence the body’s responses – promoting hypnotic anesthesia – total elimination of sensations of pain.

Chronic Fatigue/ME

Hypnotherapy has been  shown to be effective in helping people to recover from chronic fatigue. There are, of course, many factors that lead to the start of chronic fatigue setting in, and full recovery may be a long time coming – but the advantage of having  hypnosis recordings to play over and over means that you can change.



A hypnobirth uses hypnotherapy techniques to help reduce pain during labour, with the idea that women use specific breathing exercises and visualisation  techniques at different stages of labour to relax the body – helping to combat pain and lessening the need for an epidural.

Matthew has some experience in pain free childbirth hypnosis. Whilst he does recognise that most women will go to a woman therapist for this, it has been reported in the media ( April 2010 ) that a male therapist helped someone to have a pain free birth through work done in a hospital ward. For a fantastic HYPNOBIRTHING service for  by a woman in the heart of Ealing go to www.josimons.co.uk .

The Daily Express reports, in May 2013, that the Duchess of Cambridge is considering a hypnobirth for the birth of her first child with Prince William.  It goes on to say that hypnobrthing has been popular with Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba.

The Daily Express reports, in August 2013, that a West Sussex hypnotherapist – Alex Lenkei – has hypnotised himself six times to get through invasive surgery without anaesthetic. He says that his pain control is better than the medical profession’s and he heals a lot quicker because his body doesn’t to get rid of all the chemicals. Explaining it, he adds “The brain is a very sophisticated computer and if you press the right buttons it will do amazing things – if you press the right buttons it will switch things off.”

Many women would agree that the most painful experience that they could ever experience is childbirth. The good news in this is that anyone can learn self hypnosis skills for a PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH.

Matthew can help with SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION issues, that affect a large percentage of men. Many men are too embarrassed to discuss it, but Effective Hypnosis is there to help. We can  also help with fertility issues – see Sexual Anxieties and Psychosexual Therapy section

Chronic Fatigue – Matthew is  accredited as a Chysalis Effect Practitioner (2012) He is happy to give hypnosis to chronic fatigue recoverers. See www.getyourlifebackfromme.com and www.mecfra.org

Irritable Bowel syndrome  ( IBS )

IBS is commonly referred to as a disorder of the digestion and the gut. Sufferers may experience –

Bloating, abdominal pain, discomfort, pain, diarrhea,  Constipation, excessive flatulance, vomiting, and dehydration

This can have a real impact on your life, preventing you from functioning effectively and enjoying life. In the United Kingdom there are thought to be 1.4 million IBS  sufferers at any one time.  It is recognised by the medical establishment that stress plays a big part in people developing IBS. There is a complex connection between the brain and the digestive system – which is why mood often affects the way stomachs feel. The nerve cells that line the stomach send messages back and forth to and from the brain – and the gut responds to how we feel.

NICE guidelines include hypnotherapy as a recommended treatment.

“Recommendation: referral for psychological interventions ( CBT, Hypnotherapy and /or psychological therapies ) should be considered for those who do not respond to pharmacological treatments after twelve months.”

In 2010, The Gloucestershire Royal Hospital reported a 90% success rate in tackling IBS through the use of hypnotherapy.

Peter Whorell, of Manchester University, says

” IBS is ideal for treatment with hypnosis, as there is no structural damage to the body. during the hypnosis sufferers learn how to influence and gain control of gut function and then seem to be able to change the way their brain modulates their gut activity.”

Matthew has a four session program for tackling IBS, although each person is different , so the individual therapy sessions are bespoke to that individual.. Each session is recorded onto CD, and the idea is that regular listening will retrain the mind and body towards healing this syndrome. The benefits of hypnotherapy are able to overcome the stress related syndrome of IBS. This can lead to bodily transformation, and ultimately, life change.




In 2008 the New Scientist published an article saying that Heart Rate Variability rates could be lowered by slowing down the mind. HRV is the gold standard medical test in America for wellness. It has a tremendous implication for hypnotherapy, as using meditataion and hypnotherapy to slow down the mind can lead to physical body change. Listening to one of Matthew’s hypnotherapy recordings can have the same therapeutic effects as going into deep state meditation.

David Hamilton, in his ground breaking book, It’s the thought that counts, uses the analogy

 If you cross a field of snow again and again you create a pathway. Hearing positive messages again and again crates a neural pathway in your mind, making therapeutic change easier.

 Jack Dee told The Telegraph that he tackled depression with hypnotherapy in April 2011.


 Hypnotherapy has the power to enable you to stick to a diabetic diet, or even to tackle the symptoms of diabetes – through influencing the pancreas to perform with perfection.


 Hypnotherapy can help people to cope with the symptoms of hayfever.  In May 2015 a former client posted on  facebook that he had not suffered from hayfever for three years -since having hypnotherapy.


Matthew Hall can be contacted on 07732391008, or 01895 810772, vi email – mtthh@aol.co.uk