The great Milton Erikson, father of modern hypnosis, suggested that pain was experienced in several timeframes – past remembered pain, present experienced pain and anticipated pain of the future. Hypnosis can be used to alter perception and physical response. in these different frames. But to experience pain is not a complete sentence for life. The human body has innate power to heal itself. Your body contains endorphins, which are not only feel good chemicals, but also powerful pain – killers. They can block the messages of pain in the central nervous system.Through learning to hypnotise yourself you will learn how to switch on these chemicals  – to control or eliminate the discomfort.

Part of the process is actually to fool the subconscious into thinking that the pain level has changed. We do this through establishing an imagined control room – where you are taught how to minimise  feelings of discomfort, and maximise feelings of comfort.

This is not simply use of the placebo effect, but using your mind to control your body in positive ways. Hypnotherapy will be used to teach glove anesthesia – the mind switching off feeling in selected parts of the body – and then to change the way you experience life. When we take away the pain, take away the stress, and add positive emotions,then we can really make a difference, giving you back the control over your body.

Hypnotic techniques can be used to  change the way you view pain, refocus attention away from the pain and forget the pain. Hypnotherapy for pain management and removal of pain killer addiction.

The sessions will be recorded, so that you can hypnotise yourself again and again in between sessions. The hippocampus,which governs the central nervous system, can be influenced, and will respond by making physical changes. You can change your life with hypnotherapy.