SOME USEFUL resources may help

Information and answers for people fighting addiction

Free online workouts are available through

 Information on Mindfulness training

You can order hypnotherapy cds from hypnobusters – This is  a useful training resource. It will have information on the code of practice followed by all members, and a list of accredited hypnotherapists in your area. The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis. Matthew Hall’s  initial training body. is Matthew Hall’s affiliate link to the Chrysalis Effect to help people through the stages of recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the webpage for massage therapy in Hounslow that is practiced by a Chrysalis Effect friendly practitioner  for hypnotherapy in London and Hertfordshire with Harley Street hypnotherapist Darren Marks – an ICH trainer  might also interest  has a new list to refer to will tell you of other stop smoking therapists

 A useful resource on cocaine addiction is

A useful directory of ICH trained hypnotherapists may interest  is a parental pressure group that can fill you in with the facts

Another useful directory is on  may also be useful

A useful information site about stress is , or

 A useful resource for those going through depression

Weight loss will be greatly assisted through nutrition advice  , do look at this, it may help.

A marvelous resource for explaining the science behind therapeutic change can be found  may help if you are worried about a relative


Advice on alcoholism can be found from

Information on Comat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be found

. is the main information site for the Chryalis Effect, who deal in suppiorting recoverers from ME, and Fibromyalgia. Matthew has qualified  as a practitioner in 2012.