Hypnotherapy For Anger Management

Anger Cycle

Whilst anger is a perfectly natural human emotion, and is quite healthy when dealt with properly, it can build up unhealthy resentment when not recognised and dealt with. Unchecked anger can lead on to Rage, Aggression, Resentment and Hatred. Other emotions may need to be dealt with too –  Hurt, Fear, Shame and Guilt.

The cycle of anger may be  -m awareness of hurt, leading to tension, leading to behaviour, leading to relief, leading to consequences.  But what happens if those behaviours lead to consequences of legal restraints? Unless we have new responses the cycle of anger continues. Anxieties can be crippling, stopping us from living the lives we want to lead .Hypnotherapy can teach people to have increased tolerance, new responses and new behaviours.
Many people are worried about their anger in today’s society. The stresses and strains of everyday life can sometimes lead to explosions of anger – that can risk a lot. Yelling and shouting may do a service by discharging the anger, but at what risk? You may be risking your relationship, your family, your home, your job and income. Therefore people usually make a conditioned response, by squashing the anger for later release.
This may be by becoming a bellowing tyrant when you get home from work ( which doesn’t really solve anything ). Or perhaps you find a way of releasing your anger through other activities – vigorous dance, or sport etc. But suppressed anger leads to stress, which also needs an outlet.
Trapped stress is toxic and causes illness and dependencies – addictions, insomnia, chronic fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks, and low immunity to serious disease.
When you come for help, you may have been threatened with dire consequences if you refuse to change – a partner leaving you, imprisonment, ostracism by family and friends, physical violence, and, of course, medical warnings about blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack.
A therapist will ask you questions about where the anger is coming from. Is the anger caused by particular triggers or situations? Is the anger always directed at individuals or groups? Is the anger designed to make others behave themselves? Is the anger always there bubbling below the surface? Are they always looking for someone to challenge and get angry with? Is it anger at being accused or suspected of something? Does your anger catch everyone by surprise?
The brain has the capacity for growing, adapting and changing. This is the process of neuroplasticity. Hypnotherapy is a great tool for this.
Your anger may have it’s roots in past traumas. Hypnotherapy can help by using regression to heal the past and build on the future. Your anger may be the culmination of a series of seemingly insignificant knocks that have led to an explosion . Hypnotherapy can help by patching up the hurts of the past. Your anger may be because you feel that you have an extrovert or introvert personality and you don’t know how to change. Hypnotherapy can help you to see things from a different perspective.
If you are not happy with being the way you are, then hypnotherapy can help you progress to being the person you want to be.