Hypnotherapy is not about mind control. It is about helping our clients to acheive the things they want to acheive, through updating their  inner minds. There are often improvements in mood, and lower levels of anxiety, depression, anger and fatigue -which can lead to a transformation in personality aspects.

 It must be said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and the therapist is just a guide. No-one will go into hypnosis without wanting to do so. With hypnosis it is not possible to brainwash anyone into doing what they don’t want to do. There are  tremendous benefits to be had from learning the technique of self hyposis.

We can help our customers to work through feelings of inner conflict, awakening resources to help them  cope in a crisis, and therefore improve their self esteem

. So, if you want to change your life – to be healthier, happier and more successful – then hypnotherapy may be right  for you.

 Relaxation and visualisation techniques are always used to achieve the state of hypnosis. This altered state is one of focused awareness, inner absorbtion, and heightened concentration,  in which it is easier to set and achieve goals. All that is required  from the client is an ability to relax, a willingness to cooperate with the therapist, and the ability to visualise.

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