Hypnosis is  a powerful tool that we can use to make our lives seem more complete, and make important changes. Not  least in managing our habits. Once we have achieved hypnosis, through trance,then we can apply therapy.

 Our habits are controlled by the unconscious mind. Hypnosis  helps us to communicate with the unconscious mind, so that we can implant suggestions that help to change unwanted habits. It is a mind/body interaction that uses body relaxation, breathing adjustment, mental imagery, and mindfulness training.

When a consultant  puts people into hypnotic  trance, this bypasses the critical factor of the mind , which allows him to tap into the inner resources of the individual. Being in trance makes a person more susceptible to suggestion –  that is, more capable of taking on a  behaviour that is outside their comfort zone .Trance enables the client to accept suggestions without judging them. Using these new behaviours they are  enabled  to live in a more satisfying and resourceful way .  In the hypnotic state our customers become highly aware and focused, and their minds are then ready to both end negativity and to welcome positive suggestions. The focus involved in trance will  cancel worries.

 Please don’t think that hypnosis can ‘make’ you do something. Hypnosis cannot ‘make’ you stop an addiction, or lose weight.  What it does is help to alter your thoughts, actions and feelings – thoughts, actions and feelings that change your motivations. You may be familiar with media representations of hypnosis used for entertainment. . But hypnotherapy is about using the power of hypnosis for positive change. Hypnosis can reduce pain, control blood pressure, and treat anxiety.

This is a pathway to great personal advancement. The results can include improvements in intelligence, creativity and learning. On a work scale, this can mean increased efficiency and productivity, on a social scale, it can mean customers finding themselves more charismatic.

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