Each of us has had many influences on our lives. Starting from parental influence, and sibling influence, and on to  the influence of wider relations and schooling. Some of these influences may have given us positive messages and some unhealthy messages. Conditioning and labelling come in here.  If we are trained from childhood to disbelieve in our own abilities, then this information needs adjusting . Hypnotherapy aims to accentuate the positive, and forget the negative. A re-education can occur whilst you are in the trance state of mind. The imagery used in hypnotherapy will increase confidence that the desired result will happen. Your internal dialogue will be more positive and aimed to getting the results that you want. This is not about brainwashing, but rather helping you to get to where you want to be.

 Our thought processes affect us biologically, positive imput  switches on neuropeptides, which are biological messengers released by the brain. They travel throughout the body and are recieved by receptor sites located on the cells of every tissue, organ and body part – our consciousness changes us physically and affects our health. Endorphins and enkephalins are released, which can block  pain and make us feel fantastic all over.

Effective Hypnosis provides customers with the tools and therapy for recovery:

recovery from your stress and anxieties,

recovery from your food and sugar addictions,

recovery from your  drug and alcohol addictions,

recovery from your nicotine and smoking addictions,

recovery from your autoimmune diseases,

recovery from your brain damage and / or  trauma.

Matthew can be contacted on 07732391008, or 01895 810772. via email mtthh@aol.co.uk

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