This is not an academic pursuit. Hypnosis is only useful for someone if it helps them to get to where they want to be. The greek word ‘therape’ means change. We can help you change into the person you want to be. It requires commitment – particularly in the areas of addiction cessation, which is probably why our recordings are so useful.

Each of us has had many influences on our lives. Starting from parental influence, and sibling influence, and on to  the influence of wider relations and schooling. Some of these influences may have given us positive messages and some unhealthy messages. Conditioning and labelling come in here.  If we are trained from childhood to disbelieve in our own abilities, then this information needs adjusting . Hypnotherapy aims to help you to  forget the negative and build a positive future. A re-education can occur whilst you are in the trance state of mind. The imagery used in hypnotherapy will increase confidence that the desired result will happen. Your internal dialogue will be more positive and aimed to getting the results that you want. This is not about brainwashing, but rather helping you to get to where you want to be.

 Our thought processes affect us biologically, positive imput  switches on neuropeptides, which are biological messengers released by the brain. They travel throughout the body and are received by receptor sites located on the cells of every tissue, organ and body part – our consciousness changes us physically and affects our health. Endorphins and enkephalins are released, which can block  pain and make us feel fantastic all over. It is possible to reverse the progress of autoimmune diseases.

Effective Hypnosis provides customers with the tools and therapy for recovery:

recovery from your stress and anxieties, recovery from sexual anxieties, recovery from guilt, shame and embarrassment, recovery from your food and sugar addictions, recovery from your  drug and alcohol addictions, recovery from your nicotine and smoking addictions, recovery from your autoimmune diseases, recovery from your brain damage and / or  trauma, recovery from psychosexual disorders.

Everybody says they will be there for you when you need support, until you ask them and suddenly they are not. Sometimes they just can’t give the support you need to make the big change that you really want to implement in your life for the better.
For years I struggled with emotional issues and my way of dealing with it was to binge on sugary “treats”. Instead of dealing with the emotional issues, I was constantly yo-yo-ing with hyperglycaemia to hypoglycaemia, and all the other problems with associated nutrient debts rendered me powerless to tackle my problems because of this endless cycle. I just needed the right kind of professional help, and I got this from Matthew Hall straight away.
He was able to cut through all the noise in my head, and get the message straight to my brain giving me the power to stop eating sugar-loaded rubbish. The withdrawal fear – that for so long controlled me – vanished instantly. I had been petrified of feeling sick, vomiting and having migraines (which I normally suffer from). The nightmare of being in bed wanting to call an ambulance because I thought I was going to die from these migraines somehow prevented me from even trying to give up on my own.
The hypnosis technique that Matthew used has not only ridded me of my sugar addiction and binging habits, I am now cooking and eating proper food, and there were ZERO withdrawal symptoms. I did not miss the sugar one single bit.
Even the migraines have stopped as an added bonus, and I realised that during the hypnosis, that the technique he used even addressed the root cause of the headaches and migraines, which I was unaware of prior to the treatment.
Scatter-brained and emotional, now sugar-free I had a second session to help me to focus on studying (I’m a mature student). Prior to this, when I opened a book, all I saw were a load of words without being able to concentrate long enough to read or retain any of it. That evening, after the session, I went for a walk to the local park, came back and did some of my best work ever.
I was distraught. It was too good. It must be magic. Had I sold my soul to the devil? Was he some wizard with potions and spells and forces of the unseen from another dimension, and I would end up earning the wrath of God Almighty for my complicit involvement?  I contacted Matthew who assured me that there was no sorcery involved, and all should be just fine. In order to further convince myself, I listened to the recording with my eyes open and found it was all above board and the suggestions were simply able to cut through all that noise, to send the message home. The same message that I wanted to be able to implement; the same person that I wanted to be – he was able to help me to become.
I’m really grateful and would highly recommend Matthew Hall, whatever your issues are, if you are ready to change. Best wishes. Mary

Testimonial – recieved 3.9.20

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